Here is the current list of the teams registered to play in this year’s Great 8:

  • Mark Faggion and Joshua Faggion
  • John Dodd and Joe Frakes
  • Michael Ratliff and Devin Helms
  • Kyle Fowlkes and Logan Hoffman
  • Luke Mayberry and Bud Mayberry
  • Brian Irish and Derek Garrison
  • Hannable mcgarity and Trevor Leander
  • Camby Abell and Joshua Webb
  • Jordan Pressley and David Loman
  • Bradley Kelso and Christian Veshenski
  • Thomas Stephens and Aaron McLeod
  • Kevin Kelly and Miles Turner
  • Deyna Ackerman and Michael Seagroves
  • Carlos Cipriano and Jordan Cain
  • Christopher Bigbear Altman and Daniel Lynch
  • Bobby Henn and Ken Tyburski
  • David Bragg and Thomas Walton

The Great Eight Tournament – Come Join Us and Play Eight Raleigh Area Courses in One Day!